Wednesday, 1 August 2018

idea for a comedy sequel to ‘the time traveller’s wife’

Idea for a comedy sequel to The Time Traveller’s Wife, to be called The Time Traveller’s Toilet.

This film is about the man who, once he visits any toilet, may emerge from any other toilet across space and time – it could be a posh WC at the Dorchester Hotel during the roaring twenties, it could be a brick privy in the Gorbals during World War Two, it could even be a dunny in the Australian outback in the post-apocalyptic future. Of course, he tries to keep the door fractionally open and to make use of incontinence products in order to avoid this outcome, but sooner or later the inevitable occurs.

Alan Davies, quizzical but in a relatable way, to star – as this film must not, repeat must not, degenerate into slapstick. Also to feature Mikhail Gorbachev in a cameo role as himself, for gravitas.

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